The Power of Professional Photography & Video in Marketing Real Estate>>

In today's market, you need to make a great first impression where your buyers see the property first, on the internet. High quality virtual tours, photography and video produced by Harris House 360 gives potential buyers realistic views of your listing using professional photography, 360 degree panoramas, HD video and the pertinent information that they demand.  Our Virtual Tour is what brings all the different media types into one attractive presentation. Hd stills, hd video, and interactive panoramas in one presentation for both desktop and mobile devices. Let prospective clients know that you use a professional photographer that can provide the best photos of their home and (optionally) provide 360° room views. Harris House 360 is a one stop shop for other options such as aerial photos/video, video walk-throughs, virtual tours, and VR using a headset or the desktop. Give us a call at 870.330.2358 or click on the Contact tab. We'll be happy to provide more information about affordable interactive virtual tours, video walk- throughs and professional photography!

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Listing Package

24 (optionally 30) High Definition Photos delivered within 24 hrs. You can download two sets of photos, one in high resolution and the other resized for MLS. 

Virtual Tour Package
  • 24 (optionally 30) high definition photos

  • Virtual Tour for desktop and mobile devices with social media integration

  • Virtual tour links/buttons for your website and social media

  • Create your own flyer with many options for layout 

  • Agent/Broker branding and contact info in the branded tour

  • MLS unbranded tour 

  • Viewing stats emailed to you weekly

  • Access to log in and edit tour info

  • Agent gallery showing your tours on interactive map

Virtual Tour
Marketing Package
  • Virtual Tour Package plus:

  • ZillowPlus Video Walk-through - a 2 min video using a wide angle lens and stabilizer. Gives your listing a boost with more than 2x the views and saves on Zillow PLUS it can be used on MLS, social media and more! 

  • Tour converted to video and uploaded to YouTube

  • Single Property website page. This website is devoted to highlighting the property. All the info and media a buyer wants, on one great looking page! Optionally, it can have its own domain name (ex.

  • Facebook post shared to the Harris House 360 page. Post includes your property description, links to your Facebook page and the virtual tour. You can also easily share it to your Facebook page and brokerage's Facebook page!

When ordering, select one add-on to be included in your Marketing package (included in package price)*:

3 floor to ceiling spherical panoramas viewable in the virtual tour and postable to Facebook as 360° photos


Google Earth video - a video clip created using Google Earth to zoom in from high altitude to your property location‎. It's a great tool to give prospective buyers a perspective of where the property is located and how it looks from the air. 

Single Property Website with its own domain name (ex

* for additional cost, you can select more add-ons when submitting your order

Marketing Package
Virtual Tour
Refresh Package

Don't let your listing get dated when seasons change. Update it with current exterior photos. Get your listing noticed again on Zillow and social media with a ZillowPlus walk-through video.

5 Exterior shots

ZillowPlus walk-through video


Additional Information about package options>>


10 additional HD Photos >>  Choosing this option adds 10 additional photos to your package.


Spherical Panoramas (each) >> These are 360 degree high definition views of rooms or outdoor areas. The virtual tour allows the viewer to control direction (right/left/up/down) and  zoom (in/out) giving a complete view of the area floor to ceiling or ground to sky as if the viewer were standing in the space. You can also easily post these to Facebook as 360 degree photos.


QR Sign Rider >>  is added to your existing yard sign. The yard sign rider gives potential buyers the opportunity to scan a QR code or type in a short web address and see your virtual tour right on their mobile device! This is an excellent tool that allows those potential buyers that drive by or walk by to instantly take the virtual tour and see all the information they need.


Single property virtual tour website >>  A powerful tool for use in marketing your property online and off! The website address will be the property's address (ex. This custom website address can be used in ads, flyers, signs, brochures, etc. When a prospective buyer clicks or enters the website address, they are taken to a website that has property information and a link to your virtual tour.


Upload to YouTube>>  Posts your virtual tour directly to YouTube as a high definition video with your branding and contact information.


Create Craigslist Ad>>  Creates a Craigslist ad for you! The ad includes your contact information, property information, tour photos and a link to your virtual tour.


Twilight/Night Shots/Time-lapse video>>  The most dramatic photos and video are shot just after sunset or just before sunrise. Our time-lapse video shows the transition from twilight to night and highlights the dramatic effect of lighting. If a property needs extra lighting, for an additional charge we can add LED spotlights to highlight the building, landscaping and trees to make that eye catching image. Click here to see examples of the "blue hour" effect.


Video walk through>>  We use a camera mounted on a hand held stabilizer gimbal to produce dramatic HD video footage to highlight special features and a tour of the home. With the voice over option, the agent can also give an introduction to the property and any special features. You get two versions, one has your branding and the other is for MLS. Videos are uploaded to Vimeo and is also viewable in your virtual tour.


Google Earth Video>>  This is a video clip created using Google Earth to zoom in from high altitude to your property location‎. It's a great tool to give prospective buyers a perspective of where the property is located and how it looks from the air.  Click here to see an example 


Floorplan integrated into tour (you supply) >>  We can load your floorplan(s) into the virtual tour so that the viewer can see exactly where the photo or panorama is in relation to the floorplan. Hotspots on the floorplan can take the viewer to that area of the virtual tour.


Virtual tour can be added to >>  You can easily add the “Tour” link your listing.


Staging Consult >>  We meet with the homeowner and tour the home inside and out before the photo session. A written report of recommendations that the homeowner can implement to make the property more appealing for potential buyers is emailed to the agent and to the homeowner.


Virtual Staging >>  Virtual staging transforms an empty room to one that is fully furnished. Your clients no longer have to imagine what a space will look like with furniture, they can actually see it! A potential buyer can see the empty space in one photograph and the same space fully furnished in another. These images are placed in the virtual tour and are available for download just like all the other images in your virtual tour. You will also receive one copy of the photos printed on photo paper stock. These high quality photos can be left at the property for your prospective buyers to view.


Commercial property tour annual renewal fee>>  Virtual tours for commercial properties (non-real estate) stay online for one year unless renewed for an additional one year period for $100. At the time of renewal, you have the option of refreshing your tour with 10 HD photographs at no additional charge. Panoramas can also be added/replaced at a cost of $30 each. You will be billed 45 days prior to anniversary date. Note: Real Estate tours have no renewal fees.

Take it to the next level with Video!

Professionally produced video gives your prospective buyers a realistic tour of the property 24/7 no matter where they are located. 73% of homeowners say they are more likely to list their home with an agent who offers to create a video for their property.


You now have options when you choose video for your listing:


  • Aerial Video makes your listing stand out from the rest! You can add 3-5 aerial photos to use on your website and MLS listing. If you also order a  ZillowPlus Video Walk-through, you have the option to combine it with the Aerial Video for small fee. We are FAA Part 107 certified and carry $1 million drone insurance for each job.

  • ZillowPlus Video Walk-through (click to see description) Super charge your listing on Zillow and post it on MLS, social media, your website, virtual tour, etc!

  • Video Walk-through LITE is similar to our ZillowPlus Video Walk-through in that it's two minutes of edited footage shot with a camera mounted on a gimbal stabilizer. Where it differs is that it's branded and can be viewed anywhere (even Zillow). If your video or photography package includes a virtual tour, we can play the Video Walk-through LITE right in the virtual tour!

  • Video Walk-through is professionally produced, high quality video which is 2-3 minutes in length. Up to four special features of the property can be highlighted in the video. You also have these add-on options:

    • Add a professional voice over to introduce yourself and the property. Simply write the script and choose the voice you'd like to use.

    • We can also video you on location giving a property introduction.

    • If you select a virtual tour option, up to 5 minutes of the Walk Through Tour video can be played in the virtual tour! 

    • Google Earth movie is another option. We use Google Earth technology to create a video clip that zooms in to the property from a high altitude!

    • Add 24 photographs that you can download at high resolution or resized for MLS.


Take your marketing to the next level and order an aerial video and/or Video Walk-through today!


Aerial Video


Walk-through Video

Bonus included with Aerial Video, Video Walk-through LITE and the Video Walk-through!  You actually get two videos, one includes your branding and contact information and the other is suitable for MLS listings. If you've also purchased a virtual tour, the unbranded video can be added to the tour at no additional cost. Both the branded and non-branded videos are uploaded to Vimeo. 

Walk-through Video LITE

HD Video Walk-through<<<
  • 3 - 6 minute walk through HD video

  • Background music

  • Branded and unbranded videos are uploaded to YouTube

  • Cards allow YouTube viewers to click and go to your website or facebook page

  • YouTube video can be embedded on your website and posted to social media

  • Options to add 24 photos and a virtual tour

  • Longer video, voice over, DVD, Google Earth movie and floorplan options are also available

Sample Voices for Voice Over

Female - USA Neutral

Male - USA Neutral

Female - Aussie

Male - Aussie

Google Earth Movie  example

Virtual Tour Option<<<

When you select the option to add 24 photos to your video walk through package, you also have the option for a virtual tour package. The virtual tour package includes:


Introducing the VR Tour

Our VR Tour incorporates 360° photo spheres in an interactive viewing experience that let's you tour a home (or business) seeing each room as if you were standing in the space. That's the power of VR! For the most realistic experience use your phone and a VR headset but you can also view a VR Tour on the desktop and use your mouse to change the view and go to the next room or area. Either way, you can see all around the room from floor to ceiling.


Check out our VR Tour sample. Just click on the goggles! 

VR Tour Demo

Instructions:  On the VR Tour page, click anywhere to start the tour then if you're not viewing with a VR headset, press ESC to show the desktop view. To advance to the next room or area, focus on the animated icon or click it if you're viewing on your desktop.

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