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Staging for your photography or Video Walk-Through session>>

Keep in mind that homebuyers usually make up their minds about a property approximately 8 minutes from

the time they drive up to the home and walk inside. Imagine how a buyer might see your home for the first time.

You will want to create a welcoming entry and an inviting atmosphere so your home will stand out against the competition.  

The photos we take of your home are usually the first impression that potential buyers will see.

85% of home buyers search online first!


Please have all of this done BEFORE the photographer arrives.

Please have all pets restrained and out of sight on the day of the shoot.

While we LOVE all animals, we appreciate being able to work without furry friends getting in the photos!


Exterior -  Move all vehicles from driveway and in front of the house, before the photographer arrives. Close garage doors and remove all trash cans, water hoses, debris & toys, including portable basketball hoops. The front door should be clean and welcoming. Front and back patios, decks, porches and yards should be clean and neat and staged with patio furniture if available. Remove all dead plants or empty pots, hoses, toys, bikes, pet items, etc. Pool should be clean and remove vacuum/cleaner hose.  

De-Clutter - Start your packing early! Now is a great time to sort, pack, donate and generally simplify. You will have less to do to get ready for showings and buyers will see a clean, clutter-free home! If you have packed boxes make sure they are in an area that we are not photographing.

Every Room - Make sure all lights are working. Remove all trash cans, humidifiers, table or standing fans and pet items. We will not be taking photos inside the garage or pantry so you can hide these items there while the photos are being taken. Turn off all TV's and computer screens.

Windows -  If possible clean your windows (inside and outside). Especially those with views! Remove heavy or dated window coverings and make sure the blinds are clean and in good condition. Open window coverings/blinds to let in natural light.

Living and Family Rooms - Make sure all remotes, extra cables, game consoles and miscellaneous books & magazines are put away.  Remove any oversized or extra furniture that makes the room look crowded. It's best if you remove family photos. Remove any exercise equipment, toys, humidifiers, fans, etc. This room should be a stress-free, relaxing family area.

Kitchen - Remove small appliances, refrigerator magnets, wash cloths, dishes, cleaning items, drainers, soap dispensers, bulletin boards, calendars, etc. Have all counters, tables, top of the refrigerator, etc. cleared off. Clean all reflective surfaces of streaks and smudges. All food items should be put away in cupboards, pantry or refrigerator. Remove rugs, trash cans and any pet items.  Remove all but a few “Kitchen type” decorator items. A clean coffee maker and live plants are fine. 

o Dining Room - Clear and wipe down the table, straighten and evenly space chairs, remove child seats/booster chairs.

Bedrooms - Clothes should be put away in the closet or dresser drawers and beds should be neatly made. Use your best bedding and pillows! Remove all unnecessary items or extra furniture and work-out equipment, fans, humidifiers, etc. Remove any personal items from night stands. The  Master Bedroom should be an adult space with  no kids items and as luxurious yet simple as possible. 

Bathrooms - Remove all personal care items from the bathroom counter tops, showers & tubs. (Shampoo bottles, toothbrushes, scales, shower racks, razors, etc.) Also, remove all jewelry boxes, bath rugs, used towels, robes & hooks on the back of doors and hampers. You may leave out your best towels for staging. 

Home Office - If there is a home office, please remove all miscellaneous papers, unused computer & office equipment, etc.  Also, remove any exercise equipment or items that are not “office” related. You want to showcase this room as an organized workspace.

Plants -  If possible fresh live potted or planted flowers are great on the front walk or porch, weather permitting. If you have live plants in the home make sure they are free of dead leaves and looking healthy. If you have artificial green plants make sure they are clean and dust free.  

Pets -  Please remove all pet crates, food/water bowls, beds, toys, kitty condos, etc. This is a great time to pack up your pets extra accessories.  Organize and eliminating old and unused pet items. This will also cut down on preparations for showings!

Seasonal Items and Decorations - While décor and artwork lends to a warm and cozy feeling throughout your home, if your home is too "taste specific" potential buyers will not be able to “see around” your style to envision themselves there. Also now is not the time to put out the holiday decorations. Seasonal items will date your photos. Wait until after the photos are complete.


Thank you for your assistance in getting your home ready for great photos! 


The home MUST be ready for the photographer when he/she arrives. Upon arrival our photographers can wait no longer than 10 minutes for additional home preparations. If a wait longer than this must happen we will have to move on to our next scheduled appointment and the photography session will be rescheduled. If this happens a rescheduling fee will apply.

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