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Summer Brook Apartments

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West Park Aerial

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West Park Aerial
West Park Aerial

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Engage your customers with a Google Street View

Virtual Tour


Enhance your presence across Google with a premium-quality, 360º virtual tour powered by

Street View technology.  It’s simple, fast, and affordable with no recurring charges.

Why Google Street View?


  • Increase engagement with your business online

  • Invite customers inside to experience your business' ambience and decor with familiar Street View navigation

  • Add premium quality photography to your online presence across Google

  • Includes high resolution still images for your own marketing use


Where do people see Google Street View?


  • Street View appears in Google Search results, Google Maps and Google My Business on desktop, smartphones and tablets.

  • On your own website! We provide the tools to easily incorporate Business View on your website.

  • We can show you how to put Street View on your business Facebook page!

Check out some success stories

See how businesses across the world are using Business View to achieve their goals.

Street View Virtual Tours

Integrated with Google search results!

Google Street View Virtual Tours

360° virtual tour powered by Street View technology.

Google Street View Virtual Tours

Viewed on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Google Street View Virtual Tours

Easily embedded on your website!

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Business Virtual Tour

As an alternative to Google's Business View, Harris House 360 introduces the Business Virtual Tour (BVT). BVT has some of the same features as a Google Business View:


  • Full 360° panoramas where the viewer can control the view and move within the space.

  • Put the virtual tour on your website


There are some optional BVT features that Google doesn't offer. You can see the cost of each of these add-on features on the order form:

  • High def photos included in the tour and for your own use

  • Aerial photos can be included in the tour

  • Aerial video can be included in the tour

  • Google Earth video - shows viewers exactly where you're located starting with a view from space that zooms in to your location. It definitely gets your attention! 

  • Audio incorporated into the virtual tour - record a message for your viewers that plays when an audio hotspot icon is clicked.

  • Virtual Tour viewing statistics - emailed to you weekly showing how many times your tour was viewed (included in you BVT package).


There is an annual renewal fee of $50.. If you decide to do a Google Business View in the future,  we give you a $10 credit for each photosphere contained in the BVT you purchased on the condition that the existing BVT photography is used for the Google Business View.  Any additional photography will be billed at the current rates.

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       for your website.

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Introducing the VR Tour

Our VR Tour incorporates 360° photo spheres in an interactive viewing experience that let's you tour your building seeing each room as if you were standing in the space. That's the power of VR! For the most realistic experience use your phone and a VR headset but you can also view a VR Tour on the desktop and use your mouse to change the view and go to the next room or area. Either way, you can see all around the room from floor to ceiling.


Check out our VR Tour sample. Just click on the goggles! 

VR Tour Demo

Instructions:  On the VR Tour page, click anywhere to start the tour then if you're not viewing with a VR headset, press ESC to show the desktop view. To advance to the next room or area, focus on the animated icon or click it if you're viewing on your desktop.

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