Create Google Earth Movies for your Listings - Part 2

You should be familiar with Google Earth Pro navigation controls before you create your first Google Earth movie. If you've not read and done the steps in Create Google Earth Movies for your Listings -​Part 1, please do it now.

Be sure you are using Google Earth Pro and you've signed in (sign in button is at top right).

Create Your Placemark

1. Find the property you want to zoom in to. Enter the address in the search window (top left) and click Search. Don't be surprised if Google doesn't place the pin in the exact location! You should be close though. We can fine-tune the pin location later.

2. Click the Add Placemark icon (yellow push-pin).

3. While the New Placemark window is open and there's a yellow target box around the pin, you can drag the pin to its correct location.

4. Enter a name for your new placemark (property address). Leave the Lat and Long as is. If necessary, you can change the text color and scale by clicking on the “Style, Color” tab. Now click on the Altitude tab, select Relative to Ground from the pull down menu and set the Altitude to 40m. Place a check-mark on Extend to ground . When you zoom in to your placemark, it will automatically stop at this altitude. Click OK to save it. If you need to adjust the position of your pin, right click on your placemark under the My Places and select Properties. The yellow target box should be showing now and you can drag it and change its altitude.

5. If the red pin is still visible, delete it by closing the search box just below the search window.

6. Now that you have your placemark set, you can use the navigation controls to zoom out to your starting altitude. Zoom out until you see the entire city, state, country or world.

7. It's a good idea to decide and practice what you want your viewers to see. For this first video, we're going to zoom out to a starting point where you can see the entire earth, start recording, zoom in to our placemark and then pull back to get a look at the surrounding area.

8. There's two ways to record your video. One does it in real-time and the other method uses a saved tour to create the movie. We're going to use the latter method and record it from a saved tour.

Record from a Saved Tour

The first step is to create a tour. A tour is not an actual video. It's just an XML file containing a recording of all the controls you manipulate to make the movie.

1. Use the zoom control to zoom out until you see the entire earth. Of course, if you like, you can start your movie from a lower altitude!

2. On the left side panel, make sure the only placemark (yellow push-pin) checked is the one you just created (none of the other placemarks should be checked).

3. Under Layers on the left side panel, ensure that the following options are checked: Places, Roads, 3D Buildings and Terrain. One other option you may like is Borders and Labels.

4. Click on the Video Camera icon to record a tour. You'll see a small record window appear at the bottom of the viewer screen.

5. Click the red record button.