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Small Staging Tips that can make a Big Difference

At Harris House 360, we can do a staging consultation and provide a written report of things to do to make a property more inviting to prospective buyers. We don't advertise it but we do some minor staging at every property we photograph or video. We want our photographs and video to show the property in the best possible light. We can't do a lot, especially if you're not engaging us for staging but small things can make a big difference. Here are some things we look for and other little things that the owner can do beforehand to make their home more photogenic:

  • Lights, camera, action! We always make it a point to turn on every light in the home. Replace those burned out bulbs. Just making sure all the lights in the home are working before we get there makes a big difference. It's also important that all the lights in a room or area are the same color temperature which is measured in Kelvin. In other words, when you turn on a light fixture, all the bulbs should look the same.

  • Turn all ceiling fans off while we're there for the shoot.

  • Clutter is a big turn off! No one likes to see piles of paper, clothes or anything else lying around. Either put stuff in its place or hide it! If you have kids, make sure all their toys are stored out of sight.

  • Make sure all surfaces are clean and streak free. No one likes to see a big smear going across the fridge door or a mirror. Smears and spots that you don't really notice too much, stand out like sore thumbs in a photograph.

  • I know parents love to stick their kids artwork on the fridge but it just doesn't look that great in pictures. Clean all the stuff off the fridge!

  • De-clutter the laundry room. Take everything off the washer and dryer.

  • I know it's convenient to have your toothbrush out on the bathroom counter but we don't want to see it in the photographs. Take all your personal items off the vanity and put them in a drawer.

  • Make sure the shower door is clean and remove all the stuff you keep in the shower. If you have a nice shower, we want to showcase it.

  • Open those curtains! If windows have blinds, open the blinds where you can see out.

  • Hide your pets! Pets don't need to be in the photographs. We don't even want to see evidence of pets, so hide their food, water bowls, toys, etc.

  • Pay attention to the yard too. Keep the grass cut and remove any clutter that's outside.

  • If possible, put your trash containers in the garage and keep the garage door closed while we shoot.

  • Don't leave any garden hoses outside unless they're on a reel.

  • Park your vehicles inside the garage or down the street. People want to see your house in the pictures not your cars!

  • If you have a pool, make sure it's clean and clear. Dead frogs in the pool or discolored water is not good.

  • Always keep this in mind: less is more.

We all want your house to sell faster and at a good price. Doing these little things can make a big difference toward achieving that goal.

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